Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Weekend Getaway

On the last weekend in April, Randy,Keegan and I went to Regina for the weekend then went down to Rocanville to see the new baby at Darryn & Jacinda Woods'.

Keegan & Natalie

Myla Jane Woods

Friday, April 25, 2008

Keegan's 1st Birthday

On April 24th,2008, we celebrated Keegan's FIRST birthday! We also got great news in the morning, Daryn and Jacinda Woods welcomed a baby girl, Myla Jane Woods into their family!

We started the day by opening one present with Keegan.. a book to help teach him his first words. We've got so much learning to do this next year, we'll need all the help we can get! 

For dinner we had a roast with veggies in the slowcooker and I made an angel food cake with strawberry icing for dessert.....

Messy face! He loved the cake and strawberries.. 

Getting ready to open presents with Daddy.. 

Lots of new toys!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008


On the weekend of April 18-20th we went down to Rocanville and stayed with Darryn & Jacinda Woods. Julie and her kids were there too so we had a great time! these pictures are from Saturday when the men and Melanie went quading and we met them for lunch at Bear Creek. 

Mel & Keegan
Some flowers we found blooming on the hillside

From the top of a  hill, looking back into the Qu'appelle Valley

One of the quads

Keegan's first time sitting on a quad

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

My Birthday

April 14th, Randy,Keegan,Melanie,Harlin and I went out for dinner to Samauri at the Besboro here in Saskatoon.... Here are a few pictures from our evening.

The view on the walk down to the restaurant.. thats the Saskatchewan River in the background. 

My assorted sushi

Our chef cooking the boys dinner...

Keegan trying out eating from chop sticks.. he seemed to like it better then utensils! 

My birthday pie... with a sparkler!

Sunday, April 13, 2008


On the weekend of April 11th -13th, Randy,Keegan and I went to Edmonton for the weekend... 

This is a picture of only 2 of the thousands of oil tanks that we saw in the fields in Saskatchewan and Alberta....

Looking over the fields, standing on a big hill just about an hour out of Edmonton

Birthday cakes for Uncle Trevor and me, we have the same birthday, April 14th

A Sea Lion at West Edmonton Mall just before doing a dive into the water below...

Auntie Heather,Uncle Trevor, Aric and Alicia.. at their home in Sherwood Park,Edmonton

Thursday, April 10, 2008

saskatchewan rain

When it rains in Saskatoon, it pours.... this was the sky yesterday afternoon here in the city when it was raining... for a whole 10 minutes....

And this is the green grass on the front lawn this morning!

And of course i couldn't not post a picture of Keegan! He loves looking out the front window... and standing on the couch :) 

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Birthday Lunch With Grandma & Grandpa

Today Grandma & Grandpa Lewis called us up and said they were coming into the city to take us out for birthday lunch! We went out to Boston Pizza on Attridge... best high chairs i've seen in a resturant anywhere. It was so nice to catch up with Grandma & Grandpa.. and delicious food too :) 

Monday, April 7, 2008

new camera

so today Randy surprised me with an early birthday present... a new camera! its a Canon Powershot S51S and it is amazing! the clarity of the pictures is phenomenal... the pics on this post are a few i took just trying it out today so enjoy :) it was a beautiful day today in Saskatoon.. blue sky and sunshine...we're getting used to the lack of rain out here... Randy filled out his application over the phone with Darren today and Darren will take it in tomorrow so we'll be waiting to hear from the mine now about a possible interview. i was looking at the long range forecast on the weather network and looks like wed and thurs it is supposed to be warmer here in Saskatoon then it will be on the island! 

Sunday, April 6, 2008

My first blog.....

So I've decided to try this blog out.... i figure more people can see what's going on with our lives and pictures without having to sign up themselves so we'll see how it works out :) so my first post here will be of some pictures of our lives here in Saskatoon and our travels! the weather has been up and down.. we had snow this morning and in the afternoon it was all melted and the sun was shining!
Today is Melanie's 24th birthday so we went out to a little cafe called Prairie Ink, its actually in a bookstore called McNally Robinson Booksellers. we had delicious soup and sandwiches and since it was Mel's birthday she got a slice of triple chocolate cake that we all had a bite out of. Melanie and Harlin got some good news today... they got an offer on their place in Ladysmith! The offer was close to asking price so they counter offered and are waiting to hear back tonight so we all have our fingers crossed!
So the pictures that I've put on here are from our trip up to Pelican Narrows. on Friday morning Melanie, Keegan and I packed up the Toyota and drove the 7 hours up to Pelican Narrows. We got there in the afternoon, the boys were very happy to see us :) the new guy that went up there with them had to be back Friday night in Saskatoon so he took the Toyota back to Saskatoon. We had dinner late that night in the lodge where the cabins are, the "resort" is called Silence of the North. We were the only guests there. Our cabin was warm and cozy.. unfortunately because of the time of the year the bathroom was not in use in the cabin so we had to walk a couple of minutes up to the main lodge to use the bathroom and get any water. We brought up Mel's laptop and a bunch of DVDs so we were occupied while the guys were working. The boys finished the job on Saturday in the afternoon and we decided to pack up and go back to Saskatoon so we could have the day to relax today, we're so glad we did today! Life up in Pelican Narrows is a lot different then we're used to. The job was to build a dock for float planes to come into on the reserve. the land is beautiful up there, right on Pelican Narrows, water front property. Unfortunately because it is reserve all the houses have graffiti on them... there was lots of stray dogs running around.. very sad. it was an experience that we will never forget. So I've posted some pictures of the cabin's and the lake that the cabin's were on as well the pictures that have the trailer in them are of the dock where the boys where working at. on the last day Melanie took Keegan out on the lake by the cabins, the ice was 4 feet thick so i felt safe :) and took some pictures of him out on the lake. he loves the snow.. likes to feel it :) Keegan has been doing amazingly well this whole trip.. he's not as shy anymore.. he warms up to people really fast now. He's sleeping in bed with us again but i figure till we settle down again that its alright, sometimes i wake up and have to think now WHERE am i ?