Monday, March 21, 2011

More snow!

So we're about done with this snow.... it's been a long winter.. but at least it's warming up for us so we can go outside and play in it! We got a big dump of snow on Sunday so today the boys and I went outside to play and shovel the driveway.. I got my workout in and the boys got an hour or so of good outside fresh air!
Here's a few pictures from our outside time today....

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Randy's birthday weekend......

So my wonderful husband just had a birthday and I wanted to do something for him... was thinking about doing a surprise birthday party for him... but I don't keep surprises from him very well.. at ALL! So I asked him what he wanted to do.. and he said he wanted to go away for the weekend... just the 2 of us! So I talked to Mom & Dad who said they would LOVE to have the boys for the weekend... TWO NIGHTS! First time we've been away from the boys for TWO NIGHTS! We went to Bismarck... never been to Bismarck! We had a wonderful time.. did lots of shopping..... we got a massage ( Randy's first ) and enjoyed 2 kid free supper in a resturant meals. And missed the boys like crazy... cause even though they drive us crazy we miss it when we aren't around them!
Here are a few pictures from the weekend.....

View from our hotel in Bismarck
Windmill along the side of the road on our drive
A fixer upper in a little town.....
A little lean on this barn!
Happy Birthday Randy! 

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Some pictures from the past....

Lately I've been scanning a few old pictures that I have around for a little project I'm doing for a surprise.. I just had to share a few of my favorites on here.... 

My Mom and I on day one.... poor mom, I was 11 pounds, 9 oz when I was born!

4 Generations, Me, my Mom, Grandpa Lewis and my Great Grandpa Lewis

Mom & Dad before they had kids... Dad must have known that he was going to have 3 girls.. he was already getting his shotgun ready!

Dad and Me

My dad (Norwood) on the left and Darrell on the right. Darrell passed away when he was 6 years old from Lukemia

Grandma McGregor, Great Grandma Eckford and my Grandpa McGregor

My mom and I 

My Auntie Lorrie holding me, and Mom holding Rodey ( Lorrie & Warren's oldest)

Dad and I on the kneeboard and Auntie Heather giving us a hand.. i think this was in Saskatoon

Dad, Grandpa McGregor holding me, Grandma McGregor holding Melanie and Mom.

Me feeding Grandpa Lewis some of my first birthday cake

Grandpa Lewis

Me, Christine from Quebec and Mom