Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Tea for Two in the backyard....

Recently one afternoon while Cohen was having his afternoon nap, Keegan told me he wanted to have a pot of tea with me! So I brewed a pot of tea and we spent an hour or so just the 2 of us enjoying each others company and a pot of tea :) I just love my big boy so much! 

Keegan fixing his tea... tea, milk and LOTS of sugar!

A full cup of tea!

The sounds of a bird in our backyard....

And the smell of the lovely liliac!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

A morning at a park

One beautiful but chilly morning when I was trying to keep the boys quiet in the house because Randy had worked all night the night before, I decided to take the boys over to a new playground that I heard about over at the Assisippi Park in Russell. We were really impressed with the playground! They had also built a new gazebo looking over the Lake of the Prairies. We played for about 2 hours at the new playgrounds, had a picnic then finished our outing off with an icecream cone from the concession stand that is right by the playground! We will be visiting that playground again many times in our future :) 

The boys checking out the view of the Lake of the Prairies from the gazebo

Cohen on one of the playgrounds

Keegan on one of the 5 rock climbing rocks they have there.. it is really cool!

Cohen checking out the motorbike

Keegan on the twirly thing

and the rope climbing....

We walked down the stairs to the water... not much beach at all this time of the year!

Ice Cream!

Cohen and I 

Keegan and I