Monday, July 30, 2012

Trip to The Island... and Monica & Booth's Wedding!

This post will have A LOT of pictures. just warning you.. picture overload.

While waiting at the ferry terminal to get to the Island.. Keegan had a little accident... and ended up looking like this! He called it his "bloody goose egg"
Us, Canada Day at the Nanaimo waterfront

Balancing... Nanaimo Waterfront
Watching the fireworks show
Waiting for Canada Day fireworks at Parksville Beach with Karen & Reid
Monica at her shower we threw for her....
Booth & Monica with Grandma Lewis and the blanket she embroidered for them for their wedding

Monica with the cake she made from scratch.. with no recipe! It turned out great... although a little raw in the middle :) 

The boys' corsages.. the lilac smelled wonderful too...

The boys with Landon, Monica's man of honour

Melanie & Robyn, myself & Cohen, Landon & Keegan.. Monica's "attendees"

My family.. all dressed up 
My sisters and I on Monica's wedding day

Monica & Booth singing their first song instead of a first dance... 

Here is the link to the video of them performing the song... Monica & Booth's wedding song "Home"

Our new brother in law.. Booth!
Cupcakes I made for Monica & Booth's wedding

Butterfly on some beautiful flowers.. Coombs

Celebrating Reid's 60th... with a cake the boys helped Karen decorate!

Pipers Lagoon in Nanaimo

Cohen by his number... 3!

Mini golfing in Parksville!
Driving a truck at the mini golf

Keegan beside his age number... 5!
Cohen looking for crabs at the beach
Keegan checking out a dead crab

Keegan on the ferry ride on the way home...
Cohen showing Hanna how to work the iPad... at the Pihrag's in Calgary
Randy & the boys in front of a wholly mammoth....
The boys at the Calgary Stampede
The boys and I in front of T-Rex at the museum in Drumheller
Cohen measuring up...
Robyn playing at the park on her 3rd birthday.. July 4th
Keegan beside a leg of a dinosour
Keegan & Ben swinging at Oliver Woods park
Cohen & Sophie at Oliver Woods park

Last day if Pre-K & Dagmar

I'm really behind on my posts here... summer has been super busy! while i have a few minutes tonight i'll try to catch up :)
Keegan's last day of school and Dagmar convention were around the same time.. we left straight from his wind up on the friday, to Regina where we met up with mom & dad and they went with us down to Dagmar, Montana for the weekend!
Keegan going to school on his first day of pre-K in September 2011

Keegan & Cohen going to Keegan's last day of pre-K in June 2012
Keegan by his locker Sept 2011
Keegan by his locker June 2012
Keegan with Mrs. Kinney, his teacher at the pre-K wind up
Dagmar, Montana convention grounds

Rowan, Cohen & Keegan hanging out at Dagmar
Keegan, Cohen, Natalie & Myla

These two are going to get into a lot of trouble I think :) Cohen & Robyn

Robyn, June 2012