Saturday, August 25, 2012

Swimming Lessons August 2012

This year we decided to put both the boys into swimming lessons. We have an outdoor pool here in town and they run swimming lessons through out the summer. We put them in the last session.. 2 weeks, once a day monday thru friday. Our class started at 9 am which was no problem for the boys.. they would get up at anytime of the day for swimming! Both our boys love the water... and have no fear so swimming lessons was a must as they have gotten older. Here are a few pictures from the first and last day of swimming lessons....

first day... the boys were in the same class

Keegan on the last day of class

Swimming with his lifejacket on in the deep end

Keegan jumping off the diving board for the first time

Cohen jumping off the diving board for the first time

Keegan really enjoys jumping off the diving board now! here is is jumping the 2nd time :) 

The boys with Mom.. showing off their certificates that they passed to the next level!