Thursday, September 20, 2012

Cohen's in Pre-K!

Our baby is growing up so fast on us! Cohen started pre-K this year... He is so excited to go to school like big brother! Pre-K is half a day, from 9 am till around noon... he does go monday thru Thursday so is a big adjustment from being at home all day with me! The fantastic thing about pre-K is it is in the same elementary school as they will go to from Kindergarten till grade 4 so the transition should be easier for them. They do attend the school assemblies when they are in the morning so are involved with the older kids a bit. Here are some pictures I snapped from his first day. 

his new backpack!

walking down the alley to school...

at the front door

in front of his locker....

putting his backpack in his locker

coming home from orientation.. with Keegan coming home for lunch :) 

me and Cohen

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Old barn & buildings

While walking on the Leflay trail by Saltcoats, we came across this old farm... an old house, barn and out buildings. I just had to snap a few pictures...

September Long weekend Minot Trip

On September long weekend we went to Minot ND with Randy's parents.. we drove our van down and they drove their motorhome which we stayed in at a campsite. It was super hot down there pretty much the whole weekend. we had a lot of fun in Minot. The campground we stayed at was top notch... brand new everything as the flood last year wiped them out. We found Oak Park as well which is all new as they had to rebuild after the flood. Here are a few pictures from our weekend down there....
Karen & Reid, Randy, Keegan and Paula watching the combines in the field by Paula & Dal's place.
Getting set up at the Roughrider Campsite in Minot

The boys think its pretty neat to sleep in the motorhome

Right across from the playground... perfect spot!

The boys with Randy

Eating out friday night... a pizza buffet! 

The spray park at Oak Park

Spray park fun!

Part of the playground next to the spray park at Oak Park

Keegan found some fossils in the playground!

On top of the rock climb!

down the slide....

Spidermans web

Keegan made a friend....

Cohen with some acorns he found

Cohen & I

Keegan on a tire back at the campground

playground fun

Cohen playing around