Friday, November 30, 2012

Elf on the Shelf makes an appearance! Day 1

I saw this idea on Pinterest this year... And found a kit at a shop in town on sale so decided to give it a try this year! In the kit you get an Elf and a book to read to your children about what he does.... He observes the children's behavior during the day then reports to Santa that night... And in the morning the children look for him.... Usually he's doing something "mischievous" :) the elf appeared last night on our kitchen table.. So last night night there appeared a present on our kitchen table from Santa... And what do you know... It was our elf! The boys named him "Henry." So we read the story about what Henry will do. This morning the boys woke up to fine Henry drinking syrup out of the bottle!!! During the day Henry will sit in the tree... Making sure 2 little boys are on their best behavior!
Here is a link to more information about Elf on the Shelf tradition: Elf on the Shelf

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Christmas Childrens Party at the Mine

We've had some beautiful hoar frost these past couple of days... i got this shot outside of our dining room window.. these birds in the lilac bush. 

A single bird too :) 

Randy & Cohen waiting in line for face painting at the mine christmas party

Keegan waiting to see Santa

Telling Santa what he would like for Christmas

It was quite a long list :) 

After 2 hours of waiting.. Cohen made it to the front of the line!

And decided the air brush felt too weird on his face!

So the man just used the stencil to do the spider man look on his face.. not the full effect but Cohen was still happy!

Cohen telling Santa what he wants for Christmas

Thursday, November 8, 2012

How to Train your Dragon, Live Spectacular

Last weekend we drove to Saskatoon to see How to Train Your Dragon at the Credit Union Centre. We had bought the tickets to the show a few months back and kept it a secret from the boys. We told the boys the night before and they were quite excited. We stayed the night at my mom and dads and went into Saskatoon on the Saturday for the 3 pm matinee. Here are a few pictures from the show. It was fantastic and the boys had a great time!

Keegan with his Viking hat on....

Cohen found another use out of the viking hat... a bowl for popcorn :) 

Keegan enjoying the show and his popcorn

Cohen with his Viking hat on

The beginning 

When the boy (Hiccup) meets Toothless for the first time.. Keegan's favorite part :) 

The effects where awesome! Lots of details in the dragons... the whole production

Hiccup flying on Toothless....

Another dragon...

And another one... 

Huge dragon... you could only see his upper part of his body and his tail!

Most of the dragons, out at the end of the show....

Friday, November 2, 2012

Halloween 2012

 Halloween 2012

We had a very busy and a lot of fun Halloween this year! We kicked off our Halloween festivities by going on a date night to the Haunted House over in Shoal Lake, Manitoba.... It's called Count Raven Lakula. Here are a few pictures from our evening....
the beginning of our evening...

the pumpkin truck

Randy's new friend

Tamara & Ken outside the haunted house

the werewolf cabin along the walk in the woods...

Then on Saturday we went to the town family Halloween Party that the nursery school "Little Poppets" put on . It was a really fun evening and a great turn out! A lot of families came all dressed up for the evening :)

Keegan aka Hawkeye
Cohen aka Thor

Keegan and his friend Kaiden
Keegan and his friend Nora taking a break from the dancing
THEN on Halloween there was a the Halloween class parties, the costume parade at school and finally trick or treating! A busy week but a lot of fun for the kids!

Cohen in the Halloween Parade
Keegan in the Halloween parade

Lily dressed up as Superman!
The boys all bundled up to go trick or treating... with our jack o lanterns

our front door halloween night