Monday, March 4, 2013

February 2013

What a month February turned out to be for our family! Our boys got one sickness after another! Keegan ended up missing the week before February break from school... so got 2 weeks off ( with february break) what he had was bacterial croup which took everything right out of him... after one night in the hospital and then antibiotics and 2 weeks of neubulizer treatments he is all better!  and Cohen missed the week before February break, all of february break... went back to school for 1 day after February break then took the rest of the week off....Cohen first got a cut on his head from fooling around and running into a stack of chairs when him and i were at an evening out with friends... then the cut got infected with impetego so he went on antibiotics for that and a cream to clear it up.... then he ended up having both ears and his throat infected so just finished antibiotics for that... we think he is on the mend although he still complains of one ear being sore so am hoping that clears up soon for him!

Here is a summary of our month in pictures:

Cohen "stamping" hearts with TP rolls for valentines day

Cohen with the cut on his head from running into a stack of chairs!

Keegan in the hospital after Randy took him in as he was having difficulty breathing.. he ended up having bacterial croup! 

We spent one night in the hospital with Keegan with his croup.

Cohen with his cut on his head... which became infected with impetago ( we think he might have picked it up at the hospital when we were in there with Keegan ) 

Keegan had to do nebulizer treatments 2 - 4 times a day for 2 weeks after he got home from the hospital... good thing he didn't mind doing them!

The boys picked up doing yoga at home! here they are doing a "tree pose" together

Cohen with his new fish "ferno"

Got in an afternoon of sledding with friends... Keegan & Jenny

And a bit of skating.. Cohen likes to be pushed on a chair....

Keegan doing an awesome job skating at the rink!

More yoga with Chelsea and Blair too!