Thursday, April 25, 2013

Keegan turns Six years old!

Yesterday our big guy Keegan turned SIX years old! On the weekend we rented the swimming pool for his birthday party... Which he says was the "best party ever" so a booming success I think :) he of course got spoiled by all our family and friends .... We are so lucky to have so many of them in our lives :) here's a few pictures from the birthday festivities....

We didn't get too many pictures from the pool party as water & camera's don't mix well... although my sister did bring her waterproof camera so waiting to see those pics! These are the cupcakes & candy we handed out afterwards! Keegan request vanilla cupcakes this year with blue icing... and we found gummy whales,sharks,dolphins and swedish fish for the bottom of the cups :) 

The birthday boy! A bit warm from the 2 hour swim! 

Keegan with his cool marshmallow bow and arrow that Grandma & Grandpa McGregor found for him

For his "actual" birthday I made cupcakes in these cool robot cupcake holders that Auntie Moni had found for him

He LOVED them! 

Keegan with his new Lego Hero factory guys....

And is now into the Skylander video game! 

Happy Birthday Keegan! 

Keegan's teacher emailed this, one of Keegan's journal posts, yesterday... I just love it! so proud of how much he is learning at school! He is really enjoying learning the sounds of the letters as you can see he is coming along quite well! 

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Kids Yoga

A couple local mom's in town got together and did a "demo" yoga session for the last 2 Saturdays.... We put the boys in and they really enjoyed it! Here are a few pictures from both classes....

Monday, April 1, 2013

March 2013 in Pictures

March just flew by for our family! Here is what we have been up to this past month... I can't believe we are already in April!

Cohen reading the Archie comics

Oh our Keegan.... eating breakfast with his swimming goggles on! 

Happy 34th Birthday to Randy!

Afternoon visit with cousin Robyn in Rocanville

Doing yoga in the living room... with Lily too :) 

Dropping Cohen off at Pre-K on St.Patties day

Cohen loved his St.Patty day shirt!

Looking for clues left behind by the leperchaun on St.Patties day in the pre-K classroom

Great Big Sea in Regina, March 16th... Randy and I went with another couple for date night. AWESOME show!

Cohen fell asleep one afternoon... here is how i found him with his teddy :) 

Love Cohen's face in this pic!

Our little lego builder! he built this all by himself!

Breakfast while Grandma & Grandpa McG were here for easter weekend

Our big guy Keegan... with Bacon candy Grandma brought him!

doing some printing....

Story time with Grandma

Cohen checking out the tulips


Although Randy and I hate this huge puddle at the end of our driveway... The boys are just loving it! they like to throw ice into it to melt it... and of course run thru it! We have now entered into the gum boots stage of spring :) 

Beautiful tulips mom & dad brought us

Eating purple food at "the purple bean" book release party our friends had in town....

Lunch at Mr.Mikes

Kenya basking in the sun... and the snow

Keegan eating purple food at the book release party

Easter morning, Cohen the first one up of course, found his Easter  basket at the table

Watching something on the iPad... brotherly love


Bunny bum pancakes on Easter sunday morning

Easter egg hunt with Robyn 


Keegan & Mom having a good laugh

Robyn with her loot of easter eggs at the end of our day together on Easter sunday