Saturday, May 25, 2013

Child's Lake with the Woods' Family

Our friends have the cutest little cabin up at Child's lake in Duck Mountain park in Manitoba. We finally got around to actually visiting them today.... I'm sure the first of many visits there! The lake was very cold still but the kids had a lot of fun anyways.... Here's some pictures from the day....

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

May Long Weekend in Minneapolis MN

May Long weekend we headed down to Minneapolis MN for the weekend! It was a super fun trip and we wished we had more time to spend in that fantastic city! Here are a few pictures from our weekend away with the Kelly family :) 

Headed East with the sun setting behind us on Thursday night

Playing the iPad before bedtime at the hotel in Grand Forks

Pool in the morning before we hit the road.... in Grand Forks

breakfast on the road.... smoothie and krispy kream donuts! 

and pretzels

At the hotel in Minneapolis.... We had pretty bad weather the whole time we were there... rain and wind.. but that was alright as there was so much to do inside anyways!

Pool at the hotel in Minneapolis

Waffle breakfast at the hotel

The boys at breakfast!

Sydney and Lleyton
Keegan & Cohen 

Headed to  Nickelodeon World at the Mall of America

We got there nice and early :) 

The boys excited to go on the rides

Cohen & I on one of the rides :) 

Cohen and one of the TMNT's

In line waiting to go on a ride....

The boys on the Big Rig ride.... they liked to honk the horns... i would go nuts if i had to listen to that all day!

The family going on one of the roller coasters

Randy & Cohen

Keegan & I 

Meeting 2 of the TMNT's

And on another ride! I think this was the Barnyard one

Isla and Cohen on the Diego ride

Diego's adventure!

The boys in front of the huge Lego robot. It was amazing

With Dora

Bumper cars!

Isla and I went on the roller coaster together....

The carousel 

Ice cream break!

Meeting Sponge Bob and Squidward
Hugs for Squidward! 

On the Danny Fantom ride

Meeting Dora and Diego

With Lego Dora

Sunday we went for lunch to the Rain Forest Cafe

The red eye'd tree frog at the restaurant 

Drinking slushies from the fancy cups

Some of the decorations around the resturant 

On the way home we stopped in Fargo at the biggest Scheels we've ever been in. It was huge

Even had an indoor playground for the kids to play in! awesome! 

And a climbing wall! Just what the boys needed before the LONG drive home! 

Loved this :) 

We drove home in wind and rain.... one of the lakes we drove past had white caps... blue skies and sunshine in Saskatchewan though when we got home!