Friday, August 30, 2013

The last half of August

It's been a busy summer for us... and the last few weeks have actually felt like summer with some higher temperatures then the beginning of the summer out here! Here are a bunch of pictures from the middle to the end of August....

Fireside evening

Cala Lilies from Kristy's garden

Menchies creation

What the boys did with Grandma & Grandpa McGregor while we had a date afternoon/evening in Regina

Afternoon at Buffalo Pound Lake with Mom & Dad

The boys in the tube behind the boat



Mom & Dad

Lots of slurpee's to keep cool

In front of the parlament buildings in Regina

Parliment Buildings

Mom & Dad and the boys

Lots of colourful flowers

Wascana Lake

Camping for the weekend at Good Spirit Lake with the Kelly's

The kids... love their glowsticks!

found a frog

nice "cabin" on the lake

Our site, nice to have a trailer thanks to mom and dad

Supper nite at the Kelly camp... with fresh french fries!

Thunderstorm watching....

Pink clouds

Awesome fields.... 

Picnic with Grandma

Waterpark in Yorkton for the afternoon

A day with the Kelly kids again....

Grass hoppers!

The twins